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The Moreton Bay Hinterland Information Centre Opens

MBH Info Centre

The opening of the new Moreton Bay Hinterland Information Centre

Speech by Cr Adrian Raedel at opening:

From a patch of grass – to my rickety old sticker van from my sign writing days – to a fully fledged information centre.

This journey has all been about a community – that has worked hard to put itself on the map.


Community friends, it is a pleasure to see you all here today – as we open the ‘Official Moreton Bay Hinterland Visitor Information Centre’.


This journey started when Ted and Noela had just come back from a trip away. They saw me at one of my mobile offices in the community and expressed their vision for a visitor information centre right here in town.

That led very quickly to them rounding up key community and business leaders.

One of Council’s stipulations for backing a visitor information centre – was to run a trial.

And this is where my old van comes in. No doubt over the last couple of years you have all seen it.

It arrived thanks to the help of the local Police, a bunch of us towing it into an awkward position and a whole lot of bricks under it to keep it there.

In fact, I remember very clearly being under this metal object of a van, jacking it up while a huge storm was rolling in.

Someone said to me, it’ll be right, surely the lightning will hit the water tower before us. I suspect they just didn’t have any value on politicians…

But the real courage of this journey falls to the volunteers that have given up there time to sit in a tiny van – sometimes sweltering – sometimes freezing cold – and sometimes raining more inside than out.

These guys have most certainly surpassed all expectations the council had for the data that came out of the little van.


This visitor information centre – today – is a credit to the volunteers.


It has been well-and-truly proved that the Moreton Bay Hinterland Visitor Information Centre is good for local business, for the community and great for people on a road-trip enjoying this great country.

Before I finish, I just wanted to mention – I’m not here to simply open a visitor information centre.

For me, this is a celebration of a community that has put itself on the map. A community that is vibrant – and innovative – a community everyone should visit – because in my humble opinion – Division 12 in the Moreton Bay Region is the best community in the world – and now it has a permanent visitor information centre.

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